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Intelligent and inspired digital design

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A great digital experience isn’t just about
a sleek interface or compelling design.
Truly unforgettable work begins with
empathy and understanding.
With knowing the needs of consumers,
sometimes before even they do.

Our mission is simple:

We create elegant and memorable digital experiences that make people’s lives better.

Sounds lofty, we know. But at Junolo, we believe well-crafted work that fills a need or touches an emotion goes a long way in building strong relationships between brands and consumers.

Our style is as simple as our mission. We act as true collaborators with our clients, drawing on our expertise in UX design and development to build unforgettable digital experiences. We work directly with companies and behind the scenes to help our agency partners shine.

With teams in New York and São Paulo, we offer a unique combination of American efficiency and Brazilian creativity to deliver unparalleled work. On time, on budget and beyond expectations.

Check out what we do.

What we do

Who we are

Maureen Kennedy Alves
Co-Founder, Managing Director

Maureen has been involved in the digital world for almost 20 years. With a focus in health, she has been a lead strategist and creative on some of the largest healthcare brands in the U.S. and Brazil for companies like Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche and Lilly. Maureen divides her time between São Paulo and New York City.

Rodrigo Louzada Franco
Co-Founder, UX Design Director

Rodrigo brings more than 15 years of experience in UX design for global brands such as Chrysler, Google, Coca-Cola, Unilever, AmBev, Roche, Pfizer and others. He has been passionate about creating unforgettable user experiences before there was even a name for it. In addition to his UX and design skills, Rodrigo has a knack for teaching his dog, Totops, stupid pet tricks.


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New York

+1 347-480-2087

1330 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 23
New York, NY 10019

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São Paulo

+55 (11) 98667-2078

Avenida Jurema 326
São Paulo, SP 04088 | 003